New album: Blue Ocean || Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is not the most inspired bandname. Rather, it invokes David Attenborough explaining how vast our oceans are and how humans are ruining the habitats of sea creatures. I forgive the band for their rather generic and hard to google name though, because their self-titled album is a pleasant surprise.

Blue Ocean play indie pop mixed with a healthy dose of shoegazing, C86 worship and plenty of punch. That punch may be a remnant of the band members’ past in Boston punk band Puke – these guys know how to pick their band names, don’t they? Currently, the duo that makes up the band (longtime buddies Rick Altieri and David Stringi) reside in Oakland, and I like to believe the sound of Blue Ocean reflects that bay area vibe. Songs like Summer Of Hands and Human Now are excellent starting points to get into Blue Ocean. All in all, another great find by Paisley Shirt Records – the album compiles two of the band’s recent EPs: Summer of Hands and Fade. . With the cassette quickly selling out, let’s hope more physical copies are in the works.

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