New EP: The Jonnybirds || The Jonnybirds

Here’s the story of how The Jonnybirds became a thing. Once upon a time, three musicians from different places stumbled across each other during the 2020 pandemic. Alan was traveling around Asia and got stuck in Seoul when Covid-19 hit, Alex was doing a professorship of German studies there, and Jinu is a Seoul native who’s a veteran in the local music scene. They were clicking quite well, so they decided to do some recordings instead of waiting on the corona virus. Because aside from Jinu, none of them had their instruments there, they were forced to limit themselves to an acoustic sound, but that became a comfortable stylistic choice. Their self-titled debut EP is now digitally available everywhere. Listen to the Radiohead-esque track Citizen Sane below (or watch the live version at YouTube), but also check out the multilingual song Riverwalk and the Nirvana-inspired Twist.

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