New single: The Rubs || I Want You B​/​W Sleepin

Let’s start the week off right. Seemingly out of nowhere, Joey Rubbish (aka Joe Montanaro) returns with a new two-song single by The Rubs. If you’re not familiar with his work, Rubbish is a master in writing lo-fi bedroom gems at the intersection of 60s pop, garage, rock n roll, and punk – I usually refer to it as lo-fi powerpop. I am not sure how, but Rubbish has that special knack to only write A-side singles. Naturally, I am a big fan. His previous records The Rubs Are Trash (2015) and Impossible Dream (2017) both made my AOTY lists.

Perhaps most surprising about the new single is its length. Usually, Rubbish writes 2 or 3 minute songs. The two new songs are a combined 10 minutes. Despite my short attention span and preference for shorter songs, I think these new songs are excellent. They are even more pop-oriented than the songs on Impossible Dream. I especially like the A-side I Want You. It’s got Keith Richards guitar riffing and the kind of old school synthesizer you used to hear in cheesy movies. It’s SOOOOO catchy. Okay. The Rubs are back, and a new LP on Hozac is in the works. All is well.

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