New album: Quality Used Cars || Good Days/Bad Days

Musician / singer / songwriter Francis Tait has been part of the Melbourne music scene for a while. The combination of soul, jazz, blues, disco, psychedelica and surf rock with which he has been involved over the years, you will not hear on his debut solo album Good Days/Bad Days, under the moniker Quality Used Cars. The versatile experience pays off, but the emphasis is now more on the songwriting process that he has been shaping in the background all this time, successfully. In the ten captivating songs on the record, Francis’ storytelling takes you to other places, half spoken / half sung with his idiosyncratic voice, accompanied by jangly indie / folk rock. Listen below to To Wendy Love Steve, my favorite track from the LP.

Out now through Spoilsport Records. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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