New album: Hoorsees || Hoorsees

I liked the previously released video for Hoorsees’ song Get Tired, so I was really looking forward to their first self-titled album. It’s out now on Kanine Records (USA), Howlin ‘Banana Records (FR) and In Silico Records (FR) and to be honest, I didn’t really feel it when I listened to it through my laptop speakers the first two times yesterday. That changed with the third listen, through my headphones – the jangly indie pop of the French four-piece takes some time to grow, but slowly but surely it gets under your skin. They say ‘Hey, I’m useless’ in their bio, but that’s false modesty – this music does add value.

Add to wantlist @ Bandcamp:  Howlin Banana Records || In Silico || Kanine Records

Bonus: Here are the videos for Get Tired, Videogames. and Overdry.



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