Every review of NRCSSST’s self-titled debut album will be about The Coathangers. That’s because NRCSSST is the brainchild of Stephanie “Rusty Coathange” Luke, but also because the music unmistakably resembles it (Stephanie has a great voice that you recognize from thousands). Thanks to the other band members – co-founder and producer Dan Dixon (PLS PLS / Dropsonic), Chandler Rentz (Snowden), Andr√© Griffin (PLS PLS), and Danny Silvestri (Trances Arc) – the music is less garage rock and a bit more electronic. You don’t hear any synths and male vocals on The Coathangers records, but here you do. Whether you prefer one or the other is a matter of taste. If you judge the music without prejudice, you will hear strong songs with a head and a tail, in which guitars and keys are cleverly combined. Out today through SlimStyle Records.

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