New reissue: The Paragons || Abba / Better Man Than I

In 1966 The Paragons recorded the ebullient, melodic, infectious, and danceable song Abba (no, it’s not about the Swedish pop group ABBA). At the time it wasn’t a national (or international) hit, but it’s now seen as one of the best garage rock classics. The track is still played by DJs with taste, and countless bands have covered it (The Satelliters, The Cynics, The Rosalyns, The Madd, etc.). For a copy of the original 45 you have to pay a ridiculously high amount, but the German independent music label Altercat comes to the rescue with the first official reissue of the 7″, an affordable one. The single comes with a 12-page info booklet with liner notes and previously unseen pictures.

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