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Here’s an album that may not be brand new by strict definition, but it definitely deserves a prime spot on your wantlist. Baltimore’s Workers Comp has dropped their self-titled debut LP, essentially a compilation of the trilogy of EPs they released over the past two years. We’ve already raved about the Crazy With Sweat EP, and now you get to dive into the other two gems: One Horse Pony and When In Room (both from 2022). These songs were released on Tape and now, for the very first time all of the outfit’s songs are available on one convenient piece of black vinyl. As a bonus there is a closing track that is brand new.

If you are unfamiliar with these songs, I envy you, because Workers Comp are one of the realest bands out there right now. They are the perfect antidote to all that is artificial about today’s music. Blending elements of Velvet Undergroundesque protopunk with outsider country, Workers Comp are an unique band with a raw and lo-fi edge. Their songs are anthems of solidarity and rebellion that hit you right where it matters. If you have time for just one song, make it Pressure Today. The first time I heard it, I became a fan of this band. Now, with help from ever/never records even non-cassette player owners can now enjoy these tracks the way there were meant to.

“Pressure today from the man in charge // gonna have to pull the conveyor apart // I take a hex wrench off of the workbench // waiting on a lesson to be blessing my heart.”

Workers Comp are Joshua Gillis (Deadbeat Beat, Glad Fact) Ryan McKeever (Staffers) and Luke Reddick (Divorce Horse)

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