New single: Autocamper || Blanche / Budge

Some tracks only need 5 seconds to grab you, and the lead track from Autocamper’s latest single does just that. With a simple guitar riff kicking things off, Blanche wastes no time in getting you hooked. As the rest of the instruments join in a couple of seconds later on this upbeat number, it’s clear that this is right up my alley. The feeling persists with the second track, Budge, although it took me about 10 seconds longer to fully realize it. Gently strummed guitars, a catchy keyboard lick, and the laid-back yet melancholic vocals of Niamh Purtill, who reminds me a little of Courtney Barnett, meld together to elevate the track to great heights.

We’ve covered Autocamper before, and our enthusiasm for this band only continues to grow. This is indie pop bliss straight out of Manchester while Autocamper fits in seamlessly with Melbourne bands we adore like Chook Race, Dick Diver and Twerps.

The cassingle is already sold out at Safe Suburban Home, but streaming everywhere.

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