New album: Poison Boys & Jonesy || Split LP

A couple of months ago, Ghost Highway Recordings released a split LP by Poison Boys (Chicago) & Jonesy (Montreal). Although we covered these two bands before (here and here) I held off on sharing my thoughts until I had heard both sides of the LP, and now I have finally checked that box, it’s an instant add to the wantlist.

That these two bands would one day team up for a split LP seemed inevitable as they are complementary in their approach to keeping the spirit of ‘70s glamrock’n’roll alive. Of the two, Jonesy leans slightly more towards classic rock whereas Poison Boys have a rougher edge to their sound. But, at the bottom line, both bands like their guitars loud and sleazy, their choruses anthemic and hooky, and their drumsticks smoothly rolled between fingers. Each band covering a song from the other underscores the natural and genuine connection between Jonesy and Poison Boys.

This is music from a bygone era, proudly unfashionable—and thank goodness for that!

Add to wantlist: Bandcamp (Poison Boys) || Bandcamp (Jonesy) || Ghost Highway

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