New album: Spastic Bombastic || My Brain Is A Spider

Spastic Bombastic is a recording project out of Indianapolis that debuts with My Brain Is A Spider via Twisted Twin Sister Tapes.

The 19 songs were recorded on again, off again in the past two years on a mt4x Yamaha tape machine. That may explain the lack of coherence – My Brain Is A Spider is somewhat over the place sonically, but that actually works towards the band’s advantage. The songs about “anxiety, depression, paranoia, loneliness, love, and loss” are located on an ever changing scale between garage pop, (proto)punk and art rock. Each subsequent song here is a surprise with uncertain outcome. You may stumble on an exciting underground tune to spice up your next playlist, or at a quirky eyebrow raiser that confuses or intrigues. But perhaps I’m overstating the weirdness of Spastic Bombastic, because there clearly is a strong pop heart beating at the center of their songs.

Ultimately, My Brain Is A Spider offers a quirky lo-fi listening experience that may not be for everyone but where being indifferent is not really an option.

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