New album: Uranium Club || Infants Under The Bulb

Uranium Club (also known as The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band) are not your average band, and if you needed a reminder – it’s been six years since their previous full-length, their music is pretty extraordinary as well.

The band’s brand new LP Infants Under The Bulb is an adventure of a (post)punk record with edgy songs build on franticly fast drumming, razor sharp guitar licks and groovy bass playing. The band’s vocalist recides lyrics as if a poet, oscillating between anger, preaching, and pleading. Even excluding the instrumental tracks that you don’t want to end, and the recurrent spoken word art pieces (The Wall) that add intrigue, this is a special record.

Infants Under The Bulb is out now on Static Shock and Anti-Fade Records. Not your average band, not your average record, worth your money.

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