New album: Phil & The Tiles || Double Happiness

The pulse of Legless Records beats strong early in the year, with ambitions as clear as day. Their mission? To roll our bank accounts with Australian brilliance, one release at a time. Just as I was catching my breath from the AOTY frontrunner sophomore Split System LP, along comes the certified fresh debut LP (Double Happiness) by Phil & The Tiles.

Phil & The Tiles are more pop and post punk-oriented than the average band on the Legless roster. They won’t huff and puff your barn down with raw power, but they will make a lasting impression with their distinctive sound. The band knows how to rock and they know how to roll, but do so in a unconventional manner. Their debut is a lively record that brings new rewards with each additional spin.

In barely 27 minutes, Double Happiness delivers a whirlwind of tempo variations, sharp rhythms and beat, intricate guitar work and synth parts, all underscored with deadpan vocal delivery. Don’t forget to breathe!

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