New compilation: Various Artists || Yesterday & Today: DC Does Dischord

I don’t think I need to talk about how important and influential Dischord Records has been to underground music worldwide. Just take a look at the catalogue Dischord has amassed over four decades, and imagine the lives and music affected by all those classic records.

For DC label For Love Of Records, which was founded by Celebration Summer bassist Greg Raelson, the time felt right to pay tribute to the label with the help of artists from the DC area. The result is a 27-song double-LP that sees some well known veterans (Dismemberment Plan, Dot Dash, Pietasters, and Ted Leo) partner up with an extensive list of lesser known up-and-comers to cover classic songs from the Dischord catalogue – not just from the early years (Minor Threat, Government Issue, Embrace, Dag Nasty and Rites of Spring), but also delving into later era (Q And Not U, Lungfish, Coriky), although the focus lies on the pre-2000s.

The compilation works extremely well and offers a rewarding listening experience. You can tell how much these artists care about the bands and songs they are covering, and their renditions are faithful and loving.

Yesterday & Today: DC Does Dischord is available for streaming and you can pre-order the 2-LP which is expected to ship late April. Part of the proceeds to will go to We Are Family DC, a senior outreach network.

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