New compilation: Various Artists || Palestine Solidarity Compilation

The Palestine Solidarity Compilation features 27 unreleased tracks by some of the finest and quirkiest punk acts around the globe. It has demo songs, cover songs (Village People, Springsteen, Rafferty and The Coneheads), live tracks and new fully formed hits by bands like Gee Tee, Cherry Cheeks, Ghoulies, Pyrex, Power Pants, Billiam, Goblin Daycare and Busted Head Racket.

A lot of synths and drum computers were used and abused in the making of these songs, but I’m sure no lasting harm was done. In fact, the bands not only put their best foot forward musically, they came together for a common cause: to make money for Palestinian relief funds. If you donate directly (to bypass the Bandcamp commission) to a Palestinian relief fund of your choice (e.g., Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) or the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF)), you’ll receive a download code when you mail the receipt to the address mentioned on the comps’ Bandcamp page (link below).

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