New single: Tiikeri & V​ä​nsuut || Split

Described as “… a 4-track love letter to 1970’s Finnish punk, which is sure to please anyone who likes their punk rock catchy and melodic,” Tiikeri (Finland) and V​ä​nsuut (Japan) show they are up to the task.

In the case of Tiikeri, I’m not surprised. I was (am!) a huge fan of the LP they put out this year. V​ä​nsuut are new to me, but how can you not be intrigued by the idea of a Japanese band emulating punk from Finland? They have a sound that is more raw relative to Tiikeri, but their part of the single is equally exciting. What an amazing throwback single to the poppy chaos of late ’70s punk!

45rpm 7″ single out now via Open Up And Bleed Recordings (Finland) and Vox Populi (Japan).

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