New album: Big Mess || Cleaning Up With

One-word review of Cleaning Up With, the fourth album by Big Mess: WOW!

Big Mess’ new LP, their first for Specialist Subject Records, is an explosive mix of punk, pop and rock’n’roll. This essentially is a pop record built on barely contained youthful energy and a wall of noise. Big Mess keep a high gear on these twelve songs, each one peppered with infectious melodies. Everything is flying frenziedly around, and Big Mess effortlessly switch from street punk influences (Working, Shit On My Shoe) to powerpop’n’roll (Doo-Lang Doo-Lang, Hangin’ Round). Opening track Grooving sets off the record on the right foot, and each time you think you’ve found your favorite track on the record, Big Mess throws another standout at you. Like Telephone, a gritty powerpop classic in the making, or Messy Xmas, a sloppy theme track that is plain fun.

Perhaps somebody put something in their drink, somebody gave them their number (and they decided to use it), or they finally discovered who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp and the ram in the rama lama ding dong? Who knows, but the Copenhagen quartet sounds better than before. Warning: Cleaning Up With Big Mess is addictive.

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