New album: Cherry Cheeks || CCLPII

The spazzy synthpunk goodness that is Cherry Cheeks return for their second full length LP. What started as a pandemic solo project by Kyle Harms is now a full band out of Portland – a place of residence shared with their label Total Punk. On CCLPII, Cherry Cheeks maintain a high gear and wield a formidable gift for catchy melodies. The A-side of CCLPII is creating havoc in my body, with limbs and body parts starting to move unconsciously and uncontrollably.The opening salvo of What Went Wrong and Hard Stancing is so infectious, the US government should probably put this band under quarantine. The third song on the LP is Switch, and I can’t imagine anyone able to sit still to this extremely groovy and catchy ball of fire.

The hits keep coming on the remainder of Side A, and while there is no shortage of hits on the B-side, it sees Cherry Cheeks go a little more experimental. It’s a pleasant  change of pace and the synth parts draw more attention than ever before. I caught myself going full Michael Winslow in recreating the synth licks on B-side standout Pure Power, and failing hopelessly.

CCLPII is another great one and must buy from Cherry Cheeks. LP out now at Total Punk Records.

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