New album: Busted Head Racket x Cool Sorcery|| PAINSCALE 006

It was only recently that we shared installment 4 of Painscale Records’ split series that matches one Australian band with a band from a different continent. Since then, two more came out. The fifth one is a great one between D​.​B​.​A​.​T​.​L​.​S (Australia) and Deebeat Ramone (Germany). I would’ve shared it here if time and other priorities had allowed it. Go check that out ASAP.

Number 6 is equally great, a must for fans of the egg/mutant/weirdo synthpunk genre. Busted Head Racket (Australia) fills the A-side of the tape with 11 hyperactive catchy lo-fi tunes that are nicely coated by sweet and sugary vocals – 3 of the songs are new while the other 8 come from the band’s Junk Food 10″ that came out earlier this year. The B-Side has Brazil’s Cool Sorcery providing more lo-fi goodness. Fans of Gee Tee should be all over Potion 4 U, a song that will make crowds crazy with joy everytime the synth lick kicks in.

If you’re tired and out of coffee, play this one and you’ll be revived within minutes.

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