New album: Smug Brothers || In the Book of Bad Ideas

What percentage of bands release more than a handful of records? Bands that release over 15 have to be a small minority. Smug Brothers are in that group, making it all the more surprising that their latest may very well be the band’s best record yet. Disclaimer: I haven’t listen to everything Smug Brothers put out through the years, but this one really strikes a chord. Perhaps it’s because it’s front loaded with 89 Lullabye and Stiff Arm At The Still Water, two songs that make my power pop heart beat faster. It’s not the only time Smug Brothers display their power pop side. Let Me Know When It’s Yes is not just a perfect title for a power pop song, Smug Brothers absolutely created a modern classic that should be added to the power pop canon. Think Big Star meets Gentleman Jesse and The Whiffs. As a whole, In the Book of Bad Ideas is a tasteful and diverse indie rock record that gets better with each play.

Given the much to low amount of listeners on Spotify, I am inclined to call Smug Brothers a criminally underrated band. But I guess I have been guilty of the underestimating as well. My bad! But honestly, if there is a better record in the band’s discography than In the Book of Bad Ideas, we are all better for it!

In the Book of Bad Ideas
is out now on LP at Anyway Records.
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