New album: Helpful People || Brokenblossom Threats

Carly Putnam (The Oilies, The Mantles) and Glenn Donaldson (The Reds, Pinks And Purples, The Telephone Numbers, Skygreen Leopards and about twenty additional bands) are Helpful People. Their debut LP Brokenblossom Threats contains the five songs from their (digital only) Broken Blossom Threats EP (2022), as well as 7 new songs. Tall Texan has the Vinyl release and it is worth picking up if you like your indie pop cozy and of prime quality. The voice of Putnam floats nicely over the fuzzy guitars and steady beats. The songs ooze warmth and melancholy and sound rather dreamy yet urgent. I have to listen to the record more, but Brokenblossom Threats may very well turn out as one of the finest indie pop releases of 2023.

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