New album: Cyanide Pills || Soundtrack To The New Cold War

Damaged Goods released LP #4 by Cyanide Pills this week, and it sounds exactly like you’d expect from the Leeds lads: the good good stuff! Cyanide Pills bash out smash hit after smash hit on Soundtrack To The New Cold War, starting the LP by what may very well be the biggest raise-your-fist-and-sing-a-long anthem on the LP, The Kids Can’t Be Trusted With Rock ‘n’ Roll, a song previously released on a 7″ single alongside a killer cover of The Kids’ Do You Wanna Know. The new LP has another song starting with those exact four words (Do You Wanna Go Out Tonight) that is almost as catchy.

There are few euphemisms in the track list of Soundtrack To The New Cold War. Low Budget Rock ‘n’ Roll, Hope You’re Having Fun, That’s Alright With Us, The King Of Morale and Say It Out Loud? It is all pretty explicit, these words of celebration, frustration, worry, but also words of stimulation, battle cries as well. As expected, most of the songs are played at a decent pace with infectiouos melodies, like their forefathers of the late ’70s uk (pop) punk scene. On album closer It’s Over, Cyanide Pills go a little doo wop and full harmony and it’s a thing of beauty if you ask me.

Four records in, and I have yet to see this band live. Hope to change that soon and sing and bounce along to the hit-packed discography of Cyanide Pills.

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