New EP: Goat Yoga || Don’t You Think I Wanna Go?

Goat Yoga, that sounds just crazy enough to be an actual thing in today’s society. I did a quick check on Google, and wouldn’t you know it, for the past 20 minutes I’ve been watching Youtube videos of Goat Yoga retreats, rubbing my forehead in the process. Don’t get me wrong, I love goats. I think they are one of the funnest animals on the planet. But Goat Yoga? Really?

How did I get here? It’s all because of a band called Goat Yoga. They are from Brooklyn and make the kind of music I have a soft spot for. Goat Yoga are not unlike Local Drags in the sense that they fuse the pace, hooks and pop sensibilities of powerpop with the energy and straightforwardness of pop punk. There is also a touch of Brit pop to the sound of Goat Yoga, particularly on the title track.

Despite their silly name, the six songs on the Don’t You Think I Wanna Go EP show enough promise to make me want to follow Goat Yoga. The band, that is.

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