New album: BBQT || Dangerous Dame

“I am gonna punch you in the nose. I hate you baby, and it’s starting to show.”

There is no beating around the bush when Sleaz-E G aka Gabbie Bam Bam picks up her guitar and her notebook. Dangerous Dame is her latest release and 2nd LP with BBQT. It’s a changeup from her previous outings with the band. Part of that is due to the production of the record. BBQT’s highly recommended 2018 album Let’s Go had Matthew Melton’s (Bare Wires, Warm Soda) production all over it. Equally noticeable is that relative to the previous stuff, BBQT has turned the glam down and the (punk) rock all the way up. Like Joan Jett on steroids or speed, BBQT are straight up rockin’ on Dangerous Dame. It is a ferociously hedonistic affair, a loose and raw r’n’r album. In other words, I have zero complaints!

Dangerous Dame will be out on LP through Wanda Records and Surfin’ Ki. Better buy it if you don’t want a bleedy nose.

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