New compilation: Various Artists || Drunk Dial: Fakes – Volume Two

The Fakes series is where Drunk Dial Records is going all meta on us. The concept? Real bands performing songs from fiction. In other words, songs that were written for movie or tv show characters performed through the hands and ears and vocal chords of current bands. This is Volume 2 of the series, and like Volume 1  it is an absolute treat. Highlights for me include Broken Gold’s cover of Eddie And The Cruisers’ On The Darkside, Matt K Shrugg’s take on The Rutles’ Number One and The Sorels’ doing a fantastic version of Angel’s Song of the animated film Rock & Rule. Or what about Watermelon performing Mr Nice Guy from Degrassi and Heavy Lag taking on Friday Night from the I Think You Should Leave TV Show? There is no false nostalgia in any of these renditions. Fakes Vol. 2 is the kind of cover comp that makes you enjoy the new versions and reserve a long night of browsing youtube for the originals and the rabbit holes they open.

By the way, rest assured if you worry about the copyrights and legal consequences for the label: “In an effort to avoid legal trouble from any fake bands’ real lawyers, all digital sales and cassette tape profits from the Fakes compilations are donated to charity,” the official statement of the label reads. Smart thinking by a label that is always walking the fine line between hedonism and staying out of prison. The charity by the way is The Innocence Project.  Buy the Tape for Fakes Vol. 2 without caution at Drunk Dial and enjoy!

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