New EP: Short Attention || Dumb Kind Of Monster

Leave it to a band called Short Attention to record a 31-song (!) EP. Here are some stats: Total playing time? Just shy of 11 minutes. Average song length? Not even 21 seconds. Amount of (abbreviated) cover tracks? Five. Amount of filler tracks? ZERO.

Okay, that last one may be subjective, but it is unfathomable how many hooks Short Attention unleash on their Dumb Kind Of Monster EP. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised given the people involved, all of whom have made an appearance on this blog before (e.g., see our posts on Whimsyland, Teenage Women or search for Mikey Erg). I am referring to Chadd Derkins, Chelsea Lacatena, Dan Paquin, Grath Madden, and Mike Yannich, who as a team are an explosive mix of pop punk heart, skill and knowledge.

To call this EP infectious would be an understatement. My attention span is pretty short, but I’ve been starting my day with three rounds of Dumb Kind Of Monster and I am going for another round.

Dumb Kind Of Monster is out now through Worst Idea Records. CD’s expected to arrive in June.
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