New album: Rimmingtons || Rocket To Rimtown

Rimmingtons (Sydney) are not a secretive band. Their name, the title of the record, the album art, the tracklist with songs like R​-​I​-​M​-​M​-​I​-​N​-​G​-​T​-​O​-​N​-​S and Go Go To Tokyo, they all point to one direction, and one direction only. Pop punk! And it most definitely is, a must hear if you are a fan of the genre – Fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Methadones and Huntingtons, take note. But even to casual fans of the the genre, I’d say Rimmingtons bat way above average with their songs. Rocket To Rimtown is the kind of record where you don’t really have any complaints and can sit back relaxed (or ride your bike/skateboard/car) and just enjoy the tunes. Catchy songs executed very well. LP out now through Endless Detention Records & Hey Pizza! Records. Memorable But Not Honorable has the tape release.

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