New single: Workers Comp || Pressure Today b/w When I’m Here

Sometimes you stumble upon a new release that sounds different despite your familiarity with the main ingredients. Take Baltimore’s Workers Comp’s new 7″ single which is now available through Beau Travail (Germany) and Glad Fact (USA). Sims Hardin described the A-side Pressure Today as “tongue in cheek Springsteen meets Velvet Underground,” and it’s so fitting, I’m not even going to try to top that. Flipside When I’m Here is essentially an old school country track, a very likeable one as well. The lo-fi recording makes it sound like it’s a demo from a country classic, while simultaneously suggesting it’s written and recorded by a garage rocker trying his hands on country.

This 7″ is different but I kinda like it. A lot.

Add to wantlist: Beau Travail (Germany) || Glad Fact (USA)

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