New compilation: Various Artists || Go Frontwards (Heavenly Creature Records’ Pavement Tribute)

There are few words left to write about Pavement, arguably one of the most influential indie rock bands of all time. Clearly, their extensive discography is a huge source of inspiration. Given the loose and slacker approach of Pavement, a band unafraid to display their imperfections, it is also an alluring band to cover. Almost by design, it appears that covering Pavement makes band think in reimagining songs rather than trying to copy or approach the original. This is what makes Go Frontwards such an exciting tribute compilation.

The songs on the comp may be familiar to different degrees, but you’ll never know what you are going to get with each (re)interpretation by the 24 artists and bands involved. While I do not necessarily love every song on the comp – more due to taste than quality I believe, I appreciate each and every contribution because they signal a deep appreciation and knowledge of what Pavement is all about. Kudos to Scottish zero profit label/collective Heavenly Creature Records for curating a compilation that pays tribute to a classic band, and also introduces listeners to exciting new and/or lesser known musicians. Extra kudos for donating all proceeds to The Unity Centre, a non-profit that provides practical support and solidarity to all asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland.

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