New album: The 1984 Draft || Best Friends Forever

You need not look hard for clues if you are looking for a sense of what The 1984 Draft (Dayton, Ohio) sounds like on their new record Best Friends Forever. Let’s see, the band picture on their Bandcamp page sees the quartet sitting on a roof eerily similar to Replacements’ Let It Be. Then there is the track list, featuring songs titled Big Star and Hold Steady. The 1984 Draft leave their Easter eggs wide in the open for everyone to see, don’t they? And once you press play on the record, you’ll probably add Sugar/Bob Mould to the mix of influences. Anyhow, fair chance that if you like said influences, you’ll be enjoying this record. That is especially so, given the own spin The 1984 Draft give their powerful guitar driven indie rock – with a touch of americana and soul. Best Friends Forever is out now through Poptek, Sell The Heart and Engineer Records.

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