New album: Field School || When Summer Comes

Charles Bert (of Math & Physics Club and Unlikely Friends fame) returns to the top of the indie pop class with his new solo project Field School. When Summer Comes, as the collection of songs is called, is another example of how, despite its devistating and distrupting effects, the global pandemic inspired some great art. Bert used the period of lockdowns and social isolation to start writing and recording new songs, playing every instrument “learning on the fly.” Ultimately, that experimentation resulted in When Summer Comes.

When Summer Comes is indie pop bliss. The ingredients are familiar: jangly and chiming guitars, Summer melodies, a sense of melancholy and longing. The LP wraps around you like a warm and comfortable blanket, and lets you simply enjoy the moment. No distractions, no worries, just good music. The percussion on most of these songs is sparse, but somehow that feels natural, and only further draws you attention to the delightful guitars, the lyrics and the delicate voice of Bert. Add Field School to the ever growing list of amazing contemporary jangle pop bands like Massage, Umbrellas, Chime School, Quivers, The Laughing Chimes and The Umbrella Puzzles.

When Summer Comes is the kind of record that would not look out of place in the K-Records, Sarah Records or Slumberland Records catalogue. But Bobo Integral is just a perfect fit as well.  Buy it there now.

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