New EP: The Wends || It’s Here Where You Fall

Remember Smile from Turin (Italy)? The four-piece have shed their feathers as Smile and are now called The Wends. Their debut EP is a win win win for all parties involved. They are much easier to find on the good old internet search engine and they are less likely to be confused among the plethora of bands called Smile. But most importantly, they have kept the good parts of their sound, ran an update and sound like a new and improved version of Smile. It is still tempting to describe The Wends as Bob Mould fronting a jangle power pop band, but relative to their Smile era they take a more adventurous approach and do so with more urgency and nervous energy. Not sure whether the dudes in The Wends work in advertising, but they sure do some solid rebranding.

If you like jangle pop, classic indie rock, underground pop, powerpop and sunshine pop, there is a good chance The Wends have just the right song for you to fall in love with. It’s Here Where You Fall is out now on CD through Subjangle and We Were Never Being Boring.

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