New album: M.U.T.T. || Bad To The Bone

Remember Culture Abuse? The band played an interesting brand of punkrock that was polished and glossy and showcased strong melodies and skilled songwriting. After the band imploded, some of its members went on to form M.U.T.T. We already featured their blistering cover of Sam Cooke’s Another Saturday Night in our monthly Dusted post. And here is Bad To The Bone, the band’s debut LP – out now through Quiet Panic.

What stands out in M.U.T.T. is that they play their songs with a similar level of conviction as Culture Abuse. The differences between both bands outnumber the similarities though. M.U.T.T. sounds faster, louder, and more aggressive and trashy. M.U.T.T. doesn’t shy away from the occasional hardcore breakdown or gang vocals. A mere 17 minutes long (or short), Bad To The Bone is a concise and efficient affair. The nine songs are sequenced in such a matter to achieve maximum moshpit potential. A fun debut meant to be played loud and jump around to uninhibited.

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