New single: Zack Keim || Canyon / Alice

Zack Keim started making music at a young age. Still only 25, he already sounds like a veteran on his latest single. The A-side of the two song 7″ particularly stands out. Canyon is a dreamy folky indie rock track sung with a falsetto that communicates a sense of melancholy. Keim wrote the earworm and slightly unnerving chorus (“Canyooooonnnnnnnnnnn”) while he was out delivering food. The flipside contains Alice, a more upbeat folkpop track with dual vocals – Laurel Wain (String Machine) joins Keim in the song.

If these two songs are indicative of the quality of Keim’s upcoming sophomore record (Battery Lane), we are in for a treat. 7″ vinyl will be available this Friday through Action Weekend Records (Spain).

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