New album: 2nd Grade || Easy Listening

“Ringing from hi-fi headphones and blown-out boombox speakers alike comes the overloaded guitar genius of Easy Listening, a record of rock ‘n’ roll daydreams and terminal boredom,” so starts the press release of the latest 2nd Grade masterpiece.

The rock’n’roll romanticism and worship is present front and center on Easy Listening. Take a look at the song titles: Keith and Telecaster? Wouldn’t It Be Nice? Beat Of The Drum? The music speaks even more loudly. Just press play on opener Cover Of Rolling Stone and get swept away by the classic and super sweet melodic guitarpop/powerpop of 2nd Grade. I had absolutely no complaints about the band’s previous output – both made my AOTY lists and both have found a permanent home in my record collection. The same goes for Easy Listening, which indeed is very easy on the ears and highly enjoyable. And although the songs are uncomplicated and straightforward – something 2nd Grade utilizes as a strength rather than a limitation, you’ve got to be impressed by the sheer quality of this hit-after-hit fest.

But still, what I did not anticipate is that, rather than hit a ceiling, Peter Gill’s songwriting could reach another level.  On Easy Listening, effortlessness is a virtue and rock’n’roll music something to celebrate and pursue rather than proclaim dead.

Easy Listening is my favorite 2nd Grade record yet. It is out now on Double Double Whammy.

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