New album: Bart and the Brats || Bart and the Brats

Prolific French punk enthusiast and songsmith Bart De Vraantijk (Janitors, Pneumonias, Wild Zeros, Skeptics, Teenage Hearts) has recently been writing and putting out solo material as Bart and the Brats like there is no tomorrow. Two 7″s, a 10″ a compilation CD and now there is a self-titled LP, and all that in a mere 18 months? That is impressive.

Fast, urgent and loud, the twelve songs on Bart and The Brats are a blast. They have the spontaneity and energy of first takes, but don’t feel like throwaway songs at all. Quality punk with a late ’70s UK vibe, a touch of early Ramones and a total lack of polish and shine. Good stuff! Buy the LP at No Front Teeth or Big Neck Records.

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