New album: Pleasure Center || Jangle In Pity City

Pleasure Center are a four-piece from St. Louis, Missouri. I assume the band name refers to the reward circuit in our brain, because that is exactly where the ten band’s debut LP Jangle In Pity City will quickly find a home. This is top notch power pop that feels spontaneous, rockin’ and full of memorable melodies. Pleasure Center sounds very poppy, but never glossy or too polished, and there is a good bit of jangle on the record. The vocal chords have a touch of sandpaper to them, which gives the songs an even more rockin’ sound. Sonically, Jangle In Pity City fits nicely between the most recent Local Drags and Starter Jackets LPs.

It always brings me joy to hear a new band opting for a classic powerpop sound and absolutely nailing it. Nice to have you around Pleasure Center. Keep writing tunes like these.

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