New album: Flash || Flash

Flash are from the Gipuzkoan coast in Basque Country. Their self-titled LP was released earlier this month and kinda is an enigma. It’s hard to grasp how something so loud, played at such a blistering pace can sound so fresh and melodic. Hearing this record is like hearing Chubby And The Gang for the first time. It’s the moment where you suddenly are on a rollercoaster ride that increases your heartrate, slows down time and you want to invite all of your music friends to the party. Listen to how Antitodo comes crashing out of the gates; listen to how a single cough sends Ansiedad into killer punk overdrive; listen to how the out of tune guitar in Saco De Arena proves that imperfections are punk’s greatest fertilizer.

What an exciting record. Flash is out now on LP through La Vide Es Un Mus.

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