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Yesterday, I found myself severely lost in Jim Nothing’s In The Marigolds. Jim Nothing (Christchurch, New-Zealand) is James Sullivan (Salad Boys), Anita Clark (Motte) and Brian Feary (Wurld Series, Salad Boys, Melted Ice Cream Records). Full of ramshackle charm, sweet melodies and a variety of styles, In The Marigolds is a feast for the synapses. It’s the kind of record that let’s you escape to a place of excitement, but also of peace and appreciation.

At its core, In the Marigolds is James Sullivan’s love letter to Flying Nun Records. Effortlessly switching between slacker indie rock (Never Come Down, Already Gone), jangle goodness (Seahorse Kingdom), and strummy indiepop (Fall Back Down), Jim Nothing takes all of the good parts of NZ/AU underground pop to create something exciting and new that sounds delightfully familiar. One of the many highlights on the record is Nowhere Land, a song where Anita Clark takes the award for best support act with her violin playing and you start to wonder if the violion and scrappy vocals could turn into the PB & J of indie rock.

In The Marigolds has the feel of a modern classic. It is out now through Meritorio Records (Spain) and Melted Ice Cream (NZ/AU) – the latter “a worthy successor to Flying Nun” according to this #1 fan of FN. Safe bet this one will be on heavy rotation this Autumn.

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