New Album: Hayley And The Crushers || Modern Adult Kicks

Hayley And The Crushers are hard to overlook. Everything about the band is bold and vibrant. Its members look like they came walking straight out of a comic book, their album art is full of bright colors, and their songs are in-your-face catchy. And yet the band has been kinda hit or miss for me even though I’m a huge fan of some of the band’s songs and own a single or two. Now that I’ve heard their new album Modern Adult Kicks, I realize I have firmly underestimated the band.

Hayley And The Crushers are operating on a whole new level on Modern Adult Kicks. The songwriting is more accomplished and Hayley absolutely crushes it in the vocal department (listen to songs like Broken Window and Click And Act Now! for example). If the band’s previous output provided instant sugar rushes, Modern Adult Kicks has much higher and more lasting nutritional value. The more mature sound is a great fit, and the band nails the Go-Go’s by the way of Suzi Moon, Dum Dum Girls and The Muffs sound. Perhaps I should add The Shivvers to that list as well, if only due to the tender and sweet cover of No Substitute that is on the record.

Speaking of comic books, after listening to this record thrice in one sitting, I’m having visions of a panel featuring Hayley with a giant smirk on her face, her hands folded against each other and a text balloon that says: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Modern Adult Kicks is out now on Kitten Robot Records.

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