New album: Moral Panic || Validation

Can we start by agreeing what a great and timely band name Moral Panic is? In our current digital era, it’s all to easy to become infected by the epidemic of moral outrage in the online “social” world. But Moral Panic isn’t just a timely name, their new record Validation – their third in five years arrives at just the right time as well. Moral Panic (New York) sounds angry, loud, tight and fast in kickass fashion. I particularly enjoy the band’s rockin’ approach to hardcorepunk. Validation has the ability to crossover any boundaries between punks and hardcore kids, and could also appeal to metalheads who like their music fast. There even are guitar solo’s on Validation (check out Hatchet!), not something you’d expect on a record with a playing time of a quarter of an hour and change.

If you need to blow off some steam, if you are looking for that jolt of energy or just a plain good time, give this one a chance. Based on my early spins of Validation, I’d say it is one of the finer punk records of 2022. Validation is out now on 45rpm 12″ through Alien Snatch Records.

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