New album: The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness || The Third Wave Of​.​.​.

Three records in and the Scotland (Andrew Taylor of Dropkick) by the way of Spain (Gonzalo Marcos of El Palacio de Linares) connection that is The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness is still finding ways to churn out perfect pop songs. The ten songs on Third Wave of… feel vibrant and comfortable. There is no peacocking in the the music of TBWTPN, no bells and whistles, it’s all about writing upbeat and sunny powerpop/indie pop hits with a hint of nostalgia and a touch of melancholy. It is a familiar sound for fans of the band, although TBWTPN does sprinkle some surprises here and there on their new record. Like the guest appearance of Mary Lou Lord on Isolation, and how the band for a good portion of the record seems to have replaced Teenage Fanclub with late ’70s American power pop as their primary source of inspiration: Most noticably on songs like Look Back (written by Alastair Taylor), In The Right, Old Pictures of Ourselves, and Out Of Time. Those are some of my favorite tracks on the record.

TBWTPN have become one of those bands that are a sure bet for my AOTY list any time they release a new record, and this one is no expection. The Third Wave Of… makes for perfect late Summer/early Autumn listening. It is out now through Bobo Integral Records and Tear Jerk Records.

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