New album: Mythical Motors & Antlered Auntlord || Split

Earlier this year, prolific jangly underground rocksters Mythical Motors (Chattanooga, Tennessee) had recorded yet another set of songs. For reasons of convenience and timing, HHBTM Records decided to pair the ten songs on a tape with ten songs by another act: Antlered Auntlord, a solo project by Jesse Stinnard (Athens, Georgia).

The Mythical Motors side is full of the delightful lo-fi underground pop and indie rock we’ve come to love about the band. It’s a loose and spontaneous blend of The Clean, Guided By Voices, Television Personalities, Wire, R.E.M, Superchunk, and the C-86 scene. Mythical Motors songs in general are concise and full of sweet and catchy melodies and their side of the tape contains several gems (The Instant Forever, Orchestra Pit Of Flames, Nebulous Heaven, and Circling Elaine). Like the Mythical Motors side, the Antlered Auntlord side offers ten concise songs but there are noticable difference in sound. Most obviously, Antlered Auntlord has a more punchy and noisy sound with more ’90s alternative influences as well. In discussing a previous release, HHBTM describes the act as “the missing link between the Pixies and The Byrds if they’d been raised in the Appalachians.” I quite like that, and that also applies to the songs on this side.

HHBTM made 150 tapes of this release. Is it worth the purchase? You bet!

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