Catching Up To Four Releases You’ve Probably Already Heard

We don’t usually do this, but the Summer break makes it hard to catch up. In this post I share some releases which I’d love to write about more extensively, but given our backlog and the fact that these releases already received significant attention elsewhere (and deservedly so), I’m sharing them in a quick post. You’ve probably already came across these records, but if not, enjoy!

Cheekface || Too Much To Ask
Fun and smart lyrics, fun songs, Too Much To Ask provides more of the same of Cheekface. Third strike by the band!

Kiwi Jr. || Chopper
Kiwi Jr. always finishes high in my AOTY lists. On Chopper, the band sounds a bit more subdued and subtle. The strong melodies and hooks are strong as ever though, and I’m liking Chopper more with each play.

Rat Tally || In My Car

“Sad music for sad people.” Pop music that sounds honest, vulnerable and pure.

Tony Molina || In The Fade
Big fan of Molina, and this one captures his evolution as a songwriter. Moves from straightforward garagepop to jangly ’60s pop, it’s all about the songs with Molina.

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