New EP: Holiday Ghosts || Credit Note EP

I’ve been thinking a lot about this essay by Daniel Dylan Wray that was published this week in The Guardian. It’s on a topic I think many of our readers can relate to, that is, the worrisome development that people around us stop listening to new music. Suddenly, your passionate pleas to get friends to check out that new favorite band of yours are met with indifference. Your friends rather discuss what tv shows they’ve been watching of late.

The phenomenon of musical paralysis was one of our main reasons for starting Add To Wantlist, almost like a call to arms. There is just way too much good music out there to simply ignore. And if there is one band able to reignite people’s enthusiasm for musical discovery, it’s Holiday Ghosts from the Southern coast of the UK. Their songs are delightfully ramshackle, non-pretentious and have a spontaneity that induces a positive mood within seconds. Their new four song EP (Credit Note) is no exception. Ten seconds in and you’ll feel the corners of your mouth rising, you heart beating faster, the dark clouds above your head parting and the weight of your shoulders getting lighter. If you need prove that it never gets old listening to new music, listen to Holiday Ghosts.

The Credit Note EP is out now on double 7″ (with two vinyl only bonus tracks) through Fat Cat Records.

Add to wantlist: Bandcamp || Fat Cat

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