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Today, we premiere a special record from a special band. Risen out of the ashes of Uh Bones, meet Charlie Reed aka the Chicago all-star cast that is Luke Trimble (Uh Bones), Colin Croom (Twin Peaks), Nick Beaudoin (Spread Joy), Nora & Nolan Chin, Tyler Bixby (Spread Joy), and Justin Vittori (Diviño Niño). Their debut LP Eddy is out tomorrow (July 21) through Earth Libraries. You can stream the record in full below.

Charlie Reed is a fictional name, picked by Trimble to direct attention away from his persona. “I created this fake person with a certain ring to his name,” he explains. Judging from the band’s sound though, that diversion wasn’t necessary. Charlie Reed’s songs stand on their own, and naturally direct your focus to the collective effort that went into recording these songs. Eddy is a smooth and subtle multi-layered blend of indie rock, americana and sunshine pop. In addition to the usual components (guitar, bass, drums),  the addition of pedal steel, organ, piano, violin, and viola takes the songs to another level. Eddy is an accomplished record, the kind you play front-to-back, and with each spin you’ll discover new parts to fall for. If you’ve already heard the teaser singles Holding On, Your Hair Is Nice or Don’t Drop Me in the past year, Charlie Reed proves on the Eddy LP that those songs were no flukes. If anything, I think you’ll discover there is no shortage of timeless pop classics on the record, like Leave Me In Here, Saving Up and Love Store Stickup.

As inspired and warm the Eddy LP may sound, it’s the product of setbacks and sheer determination. The Charlie Reed demo tapes were stolen from Trimble’s home, together with all his musical gear. “The physical reality of losing my stuff became this emotional metaphor for starting over in every way,” he explains. Clearly, Trimble managed to turn a negative into a positive. I guess we will never know what the debut of Charlie Reed would’ve sounded like without all of the setbacks, but it’s hard to imagine a better end result than this. Pre-order Eddy now at Earth Libraries.

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