New album: Marc Valentine || Future Obscure

Marc Valentine of Last Great Dreamers fame makes his solo debut with Future Obscure. The record has a modern power pop sound (not unlike Ash or Ryan Allen/Extra Arms), but also features cameos of power pop royalty in Wreckless Eric and Matt Dangerfield (The Boys). Valentine lets his pop sensibilities shine on Future Obscure. It’s a super catchy record, likely fueled by the high intake of girl group and doo wop when he was writing the record. “I kind of imagined making an album that might sound something akin to the Ronettes, Springsteen and The Only Ones travelling together in a spaceship,” Valentine explains.

Clearly, Valentine used the pandemic years to cut and mold these ten songs, and Last Train Tonight, Break My Heart Anyway, Swiss Launderette, and Mornington Avenue are massive hits. I’ll never get bored watching powerpop songsmiths at the top of their game.

Future Obscure
is out now via Arcane Wires Records.
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