New album: The New Brutarians || Hysteria

Here is a debut LP by a band that’s been teasing and increasing curiosity since early 2020: Hysteria by The New Brutarians – featuring Adam Turkel (guitar) and Christina Wright (drums) from Saint Petersburg (Florida).

For those of you who associate Hysteria with a certain record that’s sold over 20 million copies, don’t worry. The primary similarity between The New Brutarians and Def Leppard is that both bands have a glammy side. But The New Brutarians are lo-fi, straight from the garage, delightfully ramshackle, and have a drummer with a smaller drum kit but more arms. Their sound is more ’70s New York proto punk than ’80s L.A./UK hairspray.

If you’ve been keeping tag of this band, you’ll recognize a lot of the songs on Hysteria, since most have been released as digital singles. I don’t mind at all, although I would have liked the band’s brutal version of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way made the tracklist. Their version of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man did make the cut though.

Hysteria is out July 1st through Alien Snatch! Records, but it’s already on Spotify. Give it a spin if you need a kickstart to the start of your weekend. Have a good one!

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  1. Laura Bustamante

    🙌WHOO HOOOOOO!!! Happy 😃 COOL 😎
    LLOV EET !
    Top of St.Pete vid is slick☮️

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