New single: Qwam || Little Bliss

IDC stands for I Don’t Care. It’s the A-side of Qwam’s (Brooklyn, NY) latest single and it’s a major hit with a chorus that you’ll be singing along to before you know it. It’s a pop punk anthem that is easy to relate to after a two year pandemic. Qwam’s bass player Eddie Kuspiel explains: “I wrote this when I was pretty apathetic about everything and hadn’t been upset or genuinely excited about anything in a while. It annoyed me because I don’t like to play anything cool and it felt like the world was on fire on a large scale and a small scale but I was indifferent. So I tried to write about things that did make me mad, like environmental depletion and my knees hurting because I’m getting old.” That sense of indifference and dread juxtaposes nicely with the upbeat and energetic quality of the song. Not giving a fuck usually doesn’t sound this much fun.

The flipside Little Bliss is less direct, more alt/indiepop oriented, and equally great. This is a must get single with great artwork by Isabel Moore that works even better with the vinyl color variants – I am particularly eyeing the Grapefruit Splash variant. Little Bliss is out now through Reta Records!

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