New album: Rarito || Edición Especial Para Zurdos

Edición Especial Para Zurdos contains 10 original songs recorded between 2015-2017 by J. Horror and Annie Baby who also make up Generador and Baby Horror. I think these songs were just lying around somewhere, and only now are being released for the first time. But the true story of events may have been lost in translation, since Rarito is a fully Spanish endeavour.

Anyhow, it’s a fun release that fans of old school pop punk should not overlook. And that’s not just because of the solid tunes, it’s the whole package. Somehow this album fits on a 7″ and comes with an exclusive magnifying glass (in four color variants) that you need to be able to read the lyric sheet. Then there’s the cool artwork, clearly inspired by the 1985 movie Mask (featuring Cher). Edición Especial Para Zurdos is out now through Delia Records and Snap Records Spain.

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